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Standing Committee Chairmen

Executive Committee

Palina Drake

Bylaws Committee

Toya Jefferson

Finance Committee

Terry E. Mann

Program Committee

Rhonda Reynolds Williams

Nominating Committee

Linda Carter-McClure

Risk Management Committee

Vivian Greenway

Standards Committee

Mary Neyland Moore

Membership Committee

Gail Stevenson

AKA Connection & Social Action Committee

Ivy Horn

Archives & Awards Committee

Tanya Hines

Technology Committee

Peggy Dunigan

Protocol Committee

Renee Maxwell

Sisterly Relations Committee

Kristina Johnson

AKATeen Committee

Carmen Willingham

Audit Committee

Angela Kemp

Hostess Committee

Pastella Williams

Publicity Committee

Maxine Ellison

Ways and Means

Bridget Lindsey

Ad-Hoc Committees

EAF Coordinator

Nancy Benjamin

Photography Committee

Angelicia Morton

GenNext Committee

Reisha Ivory

Teller Committee

Stephanie Lee

2024 Chapter Anniversary Committee

Kimberly Hurns

NPHC Representatives

Jackie Kramer

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